I set off today with rose-hips in mind. I imagined a nice big bag of them and in my mind had them already lightly smashed and added to apple cider vinegar. I knew exactly where to go as I had spotted masses of them from the just over a wall on what looked like  a pretty accessible spot, the other day while I was out for a cycle. Accessible spot proved completely inaccessible and I could spy the rose-hips tantalisingly  ahead through thick bushes and brambles.

But just as I was about to give up and head off my eyes focused in on some little black yeasty beauties, the fruits of the blackthorn our native plum. Still deliciously bitter with a hint of sweet they will remain so until frost gets hold and  releases some sugar. They can be hard to see on the bush but once you notice one cluster others miraculously appear and I soon had a half bag full. Delighted with myself.