Community Garden

  1. Tucked away in a little side street off the Dolphins Barn end of the South Circular is an area known historically as “the back of the pipes”. The name goes way back to the twelfth century when the Poddle River was the main source of water into the city. The Liffey being tidal up as far as Island Bridge was undrinkable. The monks of the Abbey of Saint Thomas diverted part of the river Dodder via a man made channel to the river Poddle at Balrothery near Fir House. The flow was separated at Mount Argus near Mount Jerome Cemetery, by a construction known as the Tongue, one third of the flow being allocated to the city cistern. This part of the flow left the Poddle proper and proceeded to St James's  Terrace, Dolphins Barn. It advanced on to St James’s walk on the summit of an elevated rampart of earth and stone which became known as “the back of the pipes”
  2. Today this area is home to a lovely community garden called Flannagan’s Fields Community Garden, named after the local land owner at the turn of the last century. I recently spoke to Mary Gunning in the garden and she told me that the garden is there for anyone who wants to come along and get stuck in and that the vegetables are for the use of any locals. Indeed I came away with a bag full of green goodies. Equipment has been kindly donated by DCC and by locals.
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