Bitter Spring

No sign of this mini ice age shifting. It dose take a lot of will power to walk out further than the local park, but today I managed a racing stomp all along the river my eyes peeled for signs of dandelions. I have seen them of course in great abundance in all the wrong places, too close to the road and too close to where dogs are. But perseverance will pay off and I am dreaming of dandelion bitter abundance.

Dandelion of course is a great Spring tonic, all that bitterness working its self through the liver and gallbladder, tonifying the blood the kidneys and the liver. A lovely stimulant and a cleans for the spring months helping the body to move from the stagnation of Winter into the renewal of Spring, however late Spring might actually be. In simplified Chinese terms Spring time is associated with the liver and liver energy and the taste associated with that is bitter. It makes sense when you give it a bit a think that bitterness would have a cleansing stimulating action.