Bow Lane

I have been in and out of town on my bike several times today. Defiantly one more journey than I really wanted  or planned, having left my laptop in a cafe, I needed to go back for it. Sailing up and down bow lane a couple of times though was enough to connect me with this day and time. If you are not familiar with Bow lane, it connects Jamses St to Kilmainham. It winds round the side of Imma and takes a steep incline, or decline depending on which way you are headed as it heads up to the Royal Oak. One side of this narrow road is a complete wilderness, and some day I will record in detail all the plants and animals that dwell here.

At this time of year the air there is heavy with the smell of Hawthorn in full bloom. A heady and sweet perfume which transports you away from your everyday details and cares. Thats if you let it. As the summer progresses Hawthorn will be replaced by Elder and then Buddleia, each sent leading to the next and each promising all that this season offers as well as unlocking older olfactory memories.